Donnie Smith Bike Show

Presented by American Iron Magazine

 – Showtime: 2pm to 3:30pm – 

Is Your Custom or Classic Motorcycle Magazine Worthy?


You have worked long and hard on your cool custom or classic motorcycle. In fact, it looks so good everyone tells you that it should be featured in a leading magazine. If you own a great motorcycle, you might have sent some great photos of your bike to your favorite magazines expecting they would run an article on it.


What typically happens is… well… nothing. It is rare to hear back from anyone. Magazine editors are overwhelmed with people wanting to get their bike featured. So the chances of getting your bike seen by an editor, let alone picked for a feature in a national magazine, is as likely as winning the lottery.


The Patriot Ride has an excellent way to improve your chances of a magazine feature.


fingerAgain this year American Iron Magazine is sponsoring the Donnie Smith Bike Show at the Patriot Ride.


At the end of the day at least one of the show bikes is guaranteed to be photographed and featured in American Iron Magazine.


So, regardless of how many bike photos cross the editors’ desk that week, at least one motorcycle from our show will be picked and published. You might never have an opportunity like this again. So polish up your bike and get it to the 13th Annual Patriot Ride.

All participants will receive a Bike Show Swag Bag!

Full of goodies including a 2018 Patriot Ride Shirt, Patch, Pin and Dennis Kirk Gift Card, Pad, and Can Koozie.

some details

50-bike limit

Register Early!

Two Pre-Registration Options


• $50 Bike Show Entry Fee
• $75 Bike Show Entry Fee (plus) Premium Position Ride Registration (pre-registration only)


Onsite Registration


• $50 Onsite Bike Show Entry Fee



Arrival Time

• between 11am and 1:30pm
(Show starts at 2pm)


10188 Radisson Road NE
Blaine, MN 55449





Actual classes will be determined by the final group of participating motorcycles in this category.


There will be a class for all Bikes that enter …

TROPHIES? … yes indeed there will be trophies!

Some plaques as well

Subscribe to American Iron Magazine

If you would like to order a subscription to either of these magazines please visit their website. All proceeds from this event go directly to these outstanding organizations and for each subscription purchased for American Iron Magazine, a donation to these wonderful organizations will be made in your honor.

More Details …


Judges will be the Donnie Smith crew and editorial staff of American Iron Magazine.


Trophies will be awarded to first place winners in each class. That means 10 bike owners are going to go home with an award that certifies your really cool motorcycle was judged to be among the best!


In addition, every trophy winner gets a free magazine subscription to American Iron Magazine.


To participate in the motorcycle show your bike has to be in the show area between 1pm and 2pm. And don’t worry about riding your show bike in the Patriot Ride, as there will still be time to get your bike in the show.


There is ample parking for tow vehicles and trailers.


Judging will take place between 2pm and 4pm. Trophies will be awarded by Donnie Smith and the magazine staff following the afternoon recognition program at approximately 5pm. At that time the magazine staff will announce the bike that will be photographed and featured in the magazine.


Questions? Email us at


If you have some great photos of the bike you are going to show please send them to us at We’ll be happy to post some of them on The Patriot Ride website for others to enjoy before the event.


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