Each $20 ticket gives you a 1-in-5000 chance at scoring a 2016 Harley FLHX Street Glide or $15k in CASH (your choice)!

Better odds than the lottery, and the best part is what happens with the money ... The bike is fully donated and all money raised goes directly to our worthy causes.


If you were to choose the CASH …

Well you know what it looks like … picture $15k worth!

Get Your Tickets

    1. Prior to the Ride we attend a number of events selling Tickets, Registrations and the ever-popular Patriot Ride Shirts.  Check out our WARM UP page for pre-ride event details.
    2. You can get your tickets at the Dennis Kirk Retail Store – 955 South Frandsen Ave, Rush City MN
    3. You can also order tickets by mail.  Don’t delay, we are only printing 5,000 so the earlier the better.  Download your TICKET ORDER FORM and mail by 6/8/2015.

And as always … any remaining tickets will be for sale at the Patriot Ride.


The Bike

This brand spanking new 2016 Harley-Davidson Street Glide (FLHX) is valued at $20,899. This beauty in black is packed with features … check out the details:

This is where the highway meets the street.

Only Harley-Davidson® could pull off a machine like this. We stripped off parts and slammed the suspension, then dialed up comfort. The result: a bike that goes from 4-lane super slab to neon drenched strip and never misses a beat. If you don’t need it, it’s not here. If it you do, we make sure it doesn’t interrupt the immaculate lines. Let the High Output Twin Cam 103™ engine loose on the street, country road or mountains pass near you.

Key Features May Include:From the new triple-vented fairing to the touchscreen GPS, the new Street Glide® motorcycles are loaded with more function and menacing style than the road’s ever seen.

  • Comfort

We dialed in the comfort of our machines the hard way: over thousands of miles in all kinds of riding conditions on every kind of street, road and highway ever laid down in pavement. Experienced riders putting in long hours in the saddle and giving us feedback on every aspect that contributes to comfort on the road. Airflow, heat management, passenger space, back rests, seat textures, legroom and hand controls all went under the hard microscope of the road and got tested and re-tested by real riders and worked and re-worked by us until we were satisfied we had built the most comfortable machines on the road. We all want to go farther, and when you’re more comfortable in the saddle, you can.

  • Wide Set Handlebar

Classic style and maximum comfort. That’s the perfect balance of the wide set handlebars that come standard on the Street Glide® model. They’re designed to keep you comfortably propped in a commanding position while making sure your neck muscles stay calm and relaxed mile after mile, state after state. Durable stainless steel ensures the structural rigidity you expect from a Harley-Davidson® motorcycle with the deep, lustrous finish you desire.

  • Fairing Design Reduces Head Buffeting

This is what the science of cheating the wind involves at Harley-Davidson now: fluid mechanics, algorithms, high-speed super computers and thousands upon thousands of wind-tunnel tests with riders in the saddle telling us how it feels. And that’s before we take it out on the road for thousands of miles of real world wind gusts and every form of rain a cloud can spit out. The result: a Batwing fairing that delivers smoother air flow and reduced head buffeting. Most of it thanks to the pressure-equalizing duct on the front. It opens and closes with one touch of a button. The feeling of being in the wind just got even better.