Great Prize – Great Odds

Outstanding Cause!


Each $20 ticket gives you a 1-in-5000 chance at scoring a 2015 Harley FLTRX or $15k in CASH (your choice)!

Better odds than the lottery, and the best part is what happens with the money ... The bike is fully donated and all money raised goes directly to our worthy causes.


If you were to choose the CASH …

Well you know what it looks like … picture $15k worth!


Get Your Tickets

You can purchase tickets a number of ways and at a number of locations.  Prior to the Ride we attend a number of events selling Tickets, Registrations and the ever-popular Patriot Ride Shirts.  Check out our WARM UP page for pre-ride event details.

You can also order tickets by mail.  Don’t delay, we are only printing 5,000 so the earlier the better.  Download your TICKET ORDER FORM and mail by 6/8/2015.

And as always … any remaining tickets will be for sale at the Patriot Ride.


The Bike

This brand spanking new 2015 Harley-Davidson Road Glide (FLTRX) is valued at $20,899. This beauty in black is packed with features … check out the details:


Back With A Vengeance

The attitude and mile-devouring ride that made the Road Glide® motorcycle the choice of many, is back — now with more power, more function and a sleek, new menacing look. The 2015 Project RUSHMORE Road Glide® and Road Glide® Special.


Key Features May Include:From the new triple-vented fairing to the touchscreen GPS, the new Road Glide® motorcycles are loaded with more function and menacing style than the road’s ever seen.


There’s a new handlebar on the Road Glide® motorcycle this year that makes the riding position more comfortable for a wider range of riders. The hand grips are now 5 1/2″ closer to the rider. It means no long stretch to reach the bars, allowing you to lay back and rack up the miles.


Over the years, riders of the Road Glide® motorcycle have put in more miles behind its fairing than you could count with a supercomputer. Its fatigue-reducing fixed frame design has made the Road Glide® motorcycle the choice of those who live to ride the big miles. It was good, but now it gets amazing. We went into the wind tunnel and out on the road to build the next Road Glide® motorcycle fairing. When you experience what we came back with, you’re simply not going to believe the ride. No fairing in the history of motorcycling has ever cut through the wind like this one does. It’s got triple splitstream vents that open and close to equalize pressure in front and behind the windscreen. In head-buffeting tests, it beats every other motorcycle on the road. Hands down. You’ve never experienced a ride like this. And that’s what Project RUSHMORE was all about.


Here are the stats: 85% more spread and 6% more punch on low beam, 35% more spread and 45% more punch on high beam. These are the numbers. What they translate to on the road is not feeling like it’s time to park the bike when the sun goes down.