The 2017 Ride-Route is in!

One left out of the North Airport Entrance and you (along with a few thousand friends) are on your way for the 50-Mile Ride!


This well planned route is sure to offer a safe and enjoyable ride.  We’re letting the route neighbors know you’re coming … so look for flag waving support for you and the cause!


The Ride-Route Turn-by-Turn

Patriot Ride leaves at Noon from Lynx FBO – Anoka County Airport

1 – Turn Left Radisson Rd NE

2 – Turn Right Bunker Lake Blvd NE

3 – Turn Left Lexington Ave NE

Pass Constance Ave NE @ 12:15pm

4 – Turn Right 185th Ave NE
5 – Turn Left Lexington Ave NE
6 – Turn Left 197th Ave NE
7 – Turn Right Viking Blvd NE

Pass 217th Ave NE @ 12:30pm

8 – Turn Right Kettle River Blvd N
9 – Continue on Kettle River Blvd NE
10 – Turn Right Lake Dr NE

Pass Crossways Lake Dr @ 12:45pm

11 – Continue on Lake Dr
12 – Turn Right Lexington Ave NE
13 – Turn Left Lovell Rd NE
14 – Continue on 95th Ave NE
15 – Continue on Radisson Rd NE

Patriot Ride returns to Lynx FBO



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